You’ve reached the mechanically-generated About page for chuckdude.com, Chuck Toporek’s home on the interwebs. Chances are, Chuck is unavailable at the moment, so please leave a message after the tone.

If you don’t know that much about Chuck, here’s some things you should know about him:

  • He is married to the amazing writer, Colleen Toporek
  • He has two cats, so you’ll probably see pictures of them here at some point
  • He grew up in Michigan and left for the high seas after joining the U.S. Navy
  • He was the lead instigator of the great Admin Pukes Rebellion of 1985
  • He was a Senior Editor with O’Reilly Media for a bunch of years
  • He was a Senior Acquisitions Editor with Addison-Wesley/Pearson Technology Group for a few years
  • He was an Executive Editor at Adobe Press for a few months
  • He was a Lead Editor in Apple’s Developer Publications group for 495 days
  • He is currently a Documentation Wrangler at The Omni Group in Seattle
  • He has lived in the following cities, in this order: Trenton (MI), San Diego, Trenton (MI), North Vancouver (BC), Bellingham (WA), Santa Rosa (CA), Boston, Portland (OR), Boston, Alameda, Boston, Sunnyvale, and Seattle
  • He knows how to pack a box
  • He has written a few books
  • He has edited many books
  • He believes in the power of EPUB
  • He only uses a Mac, but has also used Linux and Windows (and only when really, really necessary
  • He’s a fan of Web Standards, and enjoys HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, jQuery, and a bunch of other webby things
  • He bats and throws right, and plays left or center field
  • He enjoys long walks off of short piers, sunsets over the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and chasing hermit crabs by the light of the moon

If you need to reach Chuck for something important, try sending him an email and he’ll probably reply.

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